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About Us

About Number Portability Lookup

Number Portability Lookup is a worldwide, real-time, carrier dip service enabling you to look up the mobile network provider of any MSISDN number on the worldwide GSM network, or any landline or mobile number within the US and Canada.

Lookups are available as manual web queries, or via an automated electronic API (application programming interface) to interface with your own systems.

About Us

The team behind Number Portability Lookup have extensive experience and background in mobile messaging solutions, having been working with mobile telecommunications and messaging services since 1998.

Our experience in SMS solutions quickly led to the creation of our own SMS platform, developed entirely in-house, which soon made us aware of the need for a cost-effective number portability lookup tool.

Discovering how hard it was to find a system that met our needs at a cost-effective price, we developed our own solution, leveraging the benefits of a number of existing number portability solutions and aggregator relationships, and adding our own lookup intelligence logic to provide a high quality, low cost, worldwide service.™ & © 2023 SES IP Holdings Ltd - All Rights Reserved. Service operated by Wizard Island Software LLC.