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Downloadable Batch Client (BETA)

If you just need to run a batch of numbers from a file and don't want (or need) to integrate with our API, we provide a simple desktop client application to run a CSV data file through our number portability lookup service.

The Number Portability Lookup Batch Client is a Java application and is compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Specifications & File Formats:

    Input format:

    • Your number list should be in a textfile (one per line), or CSV file.
    • If using a CSV file, the number to be queried must be in the first ("A") column.
    • Numbers should be in E.164 international format starting with country code, eg 17044518989 or 447784123456
    • Please test one or two numbers to make sure everything is working correctly before starting a large batch.

    Output Format:

    • The output file is CSV
    • If your input file is CSV your existing columns will be kept intact
    • Additional columns are added for the HLR response data

How to run a batch:

    Once you have Java installed, double click on the NPL.jar file to launch the desktop application.

    • Enter your username and password
    • Click "Choose File" and locate the CSV file to be processed
    • Click "Start Batch" and choose a new filename to save results
    • The batch will run automatically

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