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Database Cleansing via HLR Lookup

How we can help

Number Portability Lookup provides a way to check each and every mobile number in your database, not only telling you which carrier serves the number, but determining if the number is served by ANY carrier at all!

Save money with database cleansing

Sending text messages or attempting call routing to invalid or disconnected numbers costs millions to the mobile telecoms industry every month.

Invalid number entry

Numbers may have been entered incorrectly into your database, or customers may have given false numbers to avoid marketing attempts. If you are regularly sending our SMS newsletters or coupons to invalid numbers, the chances are these messages still cost you money. By performing a check on the numbers upon entry you can determine whether a valid mobile number has been entered.

Disconnected numbers

While number portability provides aconvenien option fo mobile subscribers to switch network while maintaining their number, many subscribers simply disconnect their number and start a new number when switching contracts between providers. This can leave you with a list of numbers which once worked, but which have been disconnected. Sending messages to dead numbers will provide you with no ROI whatsoever, so a periodic check of your database can purge the invalid numbers providing you with a clean list of good, reachable mobile numbers.

How it works

Our system operates by performing an HLR lookup over the SS7 switching network. This enables us to determine the carrier of a given number in realtime, with absolute certainty. The HLR databases are the same databases used by the mobile networks to authorise phones to access their network, so provide the most robust and reliable way of determining which network a mobile phone belongs to.

Benefits of Number Portability Lookup

  • Find network carrier information quickly and cheaply
  • Improve routing for VoIP and SMS traffic
  • Reduce costs from sending to invalid or disconnected numbers
  • Easy prepaid credit system - no credit expiration

    Getting Started

    Number Portability Lookup operates an easy prepaid system with lookups costing less than a penny. You can try us out with a trial account. We're confident you'll find our services to be fast and reliable.

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