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Number Portability Lookup - Sample Code for Carrier Query: PHP

PHP Sample Code:

This example code shows how to query the mobile network carrier of a subscriber using the PHP language and the NumberPortabilityLookup service. The code could be integrated into a website using PHP, or any other PHP script where you need carrier lookup functionality.

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Code Sample:


# Sample Number Portability Lookup carrier query in PHP

# Customise these for your own username/password
# Free test account available at

$user= "your-username";
$pass= "your-password";

# Number to query:


# Call the API and read the response:

$response = file_get_contents($url);

$data = split("\n",$response);

if ($data[0]=="QUERYOK")
	list($msisdn,$carrier)=split(" ",$data[1]);
	echo "Carrier for $msisdn is $carrier";
	echo "Query failed";
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