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Performing Number Portability Lookups in North America

We support query of both mobile and landline numbers in the North American Numbering Plan (Country Code +1)

API Response Codes for North American numbers

    If you query a number in country code '1', the response will consist of three comma-separated values;

    The carrier's OCN Code, Name, and whether the number is MOBILE or LANDLINE; For example:

    17044518989 6214,ATT Mobility,MOBILE
    This indicates that 17044518989 is operated by OCN 6214 which is ATT Mobility, and is a MOBILE number.

What's an OCN code?

    OCN codes are part of industry standard ATIS-0300251 (Codes for Identification of Service Providers for Information Exchange). These codes uniquely identify each telephone service provider operating in the North American Numbering Plan.

Why don't you return PLMN (MCC+MNC) codes for North America, like other countries?

    PLMN (MCC+MNC) codes are only assigned to mobile network operators. OCN codes exist for all North American telephone operators, including landline providers. This allows us to provide a comprehensive lookup service in North America which can identify operators of both landline and mobile numbers.

Where can I get a full OCN List?

    The complete up-to-date list of OCN numbers is available for purchase for nominal fee from its official maintainer, NECA.

    For your convenience, we also supply the name of the carrier along with each OCN number in the API response, so a complete list should not be required for most applications.™ & © 2024 SES IP Holdings Ltd - All Rights Reserved. Service operated by Wizard Island Software LLC.