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Carrier Query Implementations for Asterisk PBX

Least-cost routing with carrier lookups

Integration of NumberPortabilityLookup with the Asterisk PBX enables you to route your outbound VoIP calls via the most cost-effective provider based on the network carrier of the mobile number being called.

Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) (aka Wireless Number Portability or WNP) makes routing voice calls more complex than simply lookup up the prefix of the number (eg "07970 = Orange") - as mobile subscribers are now free to move (port) their service between wireless carriers, porting their phone number with them to their new network provider.

Asterisk carrier lookup utilities

Our carrier lookup service is very quick and easy to integrate with your Asterisk-based PBX, and you should be able to integrate and start using our service in less than 10 minutes with our ready-made scripts.

Free Download - Asterisk Least Cost Routing (LCR) Dialplan integration

We provide a free download containing various tools to help you integrate mobile carrier lookups into your Asterisk PBX.

nplquery - Perform carrier queries from your Asterisk dialplan

Make Number Portability Lookups directly from your Asterisk dialplan using our ready-made scripts. Just install, set your login credentials, and you're ready to go! Carrier responses are returned to a variable in your dialplan. [ More... ]

nplroute - Route calls to the lowest cost SIP provider from your asterisk dialplan

Our free download also includes nplroute, a utility to automatically select a SIP provider based on the response of the carrier lookup, and insert it straight into your 'Dial' command - making least-cost-routing with carrier lookup very easy to add to any Asterisk PBX system. [ More... ]

Asterisk AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) Intregration:

Performing carrier lookups from your AGI scripts

If you use Perl/AGI to construct your own IVR or call handling systems in Asterisk, we can provide a simple piece of code to add to your AGI script enabling you to perform carrier lookups directly from your script. The carrier id response from our lookup service is returned into a Perl variable, making it easily accessible and quick to integrate.

For more information on installation, and to download samples, click here

Code Samples and Carrier Lookup examples for other programming languages

To find code samples for other languages, or number portability lookup integration examples for the Asterisk PBX, click here.™ & © 2024 SES IP Holdings Ltd - All Rights Reserved. Service operated by Wizard Island Software LLC.