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Sample Code for Carrier Query Integration

Sample Code and Examples

These pages provide sample code which you can copy/paste, or adapt to quickly add carrier query functionality to your own software or website by integrating with NumberPortabilityLookup's query service.

Code Samples

Code samples demonstrating connectivity with Number Portability Lookup are available in the following languages:

You may adapt, and freely use the code in these examples in any projects, software, or websites to add carrier lookup functionality.

Number Portability Lookup - Examples for Asterisk Carrier Query for VoIP LCR (Least Cost Routing)

Asterisk Carrier Lookup / Network Query Examples

A number of users have asked us for an example of how our carrier lookup service can be integrated with the Asterisk PBX for least-cost routing.

Our example provides a basic AGI script which can be installed into your asterisk system, allowing you to make number portability queries right from your extensions.conf dialplan - or from other AGI scripts.

You may adapt, and freely use the information provided in these examples in any Asterisk based system to add carrier lookup functionality.™ & © 2024 SES IP Holdings Ltd - All Rights Reserved. Service operated by Wizard Island Software LLC.